Where can I find more detailed information for Great Wall vehicles?

The automobile brand Great Wall has developed service network in the whole country. Information about the working times and phone numbers you can find in Dealers section of the website or call to the national customers phone: 0700 10109.

Are you offering Great wall vehicles on leasing?

Litex Motors offers Great Wall vehicles with one of the most profitable leasing conditions on the national market. For more information please visit Leasing section of the model on the website or contact your dealer.

Can I make a test drive to a chosen by me model?

All authorized Great Wall dealerships are offering test automobiles. It is enough just to choose the nearest dealer and to request a test drive by the Sales department.

What is the warranty against corrosion of Great Wall vehicles?

Great Wall vehicles are offered with 6 years warranty against corrosion perforation and 3 years warranty of the lacquer coating.

Is the manufacturer warranty changing if I make changes on my Great Wall vehicle?

Unauthorized modifications to the car bring to warranty lapse.

How long the LPG system takes to pay off?

Depending on the fuel price for Voleex is around 30 000-32 000 km, for  Steed and Hover- around 22 000-24 000 km.

Can my vehicle be equipped with a gas system?

Great Wall offers high-technological LPG system with an injection of liquid face of fuel, for all models with petrol engine. The LPG system keeps the full warranty conditions for 5 years or 100 000 mileage and saves up to 40 % fuel expenses in comparison with the expenses for petrol drive.

Are Great Wall vehicles using tax credit?

Voleex, Hover and Steed are offered with valid for the whole EU certificate N1 that allows the usage of tax credit (VAT refunding). Moreover, automobiles with N1 are paying 10 BGN/Ton annual tax. They also use vignette sticker category K3 as the passenger cars.

What is the security of Great Wall vehicles?

Energy absorbing bumpers, Strain resistant compartments, air bags, disc brakes, ABS with electronic break force contribution and all other remaining connected elements that meet all the security requirements of the EU.

Great Wall vehicles are sold in more than 120 countries worldwide and in security area they perform excellent on the strict tests in countries like Australia, Russia and China that are equivalent to the European NCAP.

What technologies were used in Great Wall vehicles?

Great Wall vehicles are meeting the last EU standards for emissions and security that requires defined technical level.

What is the Great Wall vehicles warranty?

All vehicles are with 5 years warranty or 100 000 km mileage and 5 years free road assistance in case of technical damage.

What is the equipment of Great Wall vehicles?

All Great Wall vehicles are offered with rich standard equipment including: air conditioner, ABS+EBD, air bag, central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors, audio system, alloy wheels and many more.

What distinguishes Great Wall vehicles from all others?

On first place, they are manufactured in Bulgaria. Great Wall vehicles, offered by Litex Motors, are high-quality product that meets all the quality and security requirements of the European market. All models received type approval according to the EU regulations and additionally they have certificate of conformity.

Moreover, they are proven in matter of design, convenience and trim level. They are offered on very affordable price and possess 5-year warranty.

Practically what distinguishes us from others is the high quality and value we offer on very affordable price. In addition, these wonderful products are manufactured from the young Bulgarian generation that works on world level.