Steed 5 Miner among Top Gear’s Cars for 2014

The Bulgarian edition of Top Gear Magazine named Steed 5 Miner pickup for the ‘Hard Worker of the Year’


The Specialized version of Steed 5 Miner pickup, created for work in the mining industry is among “Car of the Year” of Top Gear Magazine in Bulgaria for 2014. The Bulgarian pickup enters in the top automotive magazine rating as the “Hard Worker of the Year” – because of its unique characteristics, specialized equipment and great potential, which go far beyond the common standard for pickups.

Deputy Editor of the magazine Hristo Mishkov and the photographer Toni Tonchev made a test drive of the vehicle on the right place – in a mine. “Actually the pickup is no accidentally at our pages, but because of its special posibilities which enable to work among fossilized dinosaurs. Because all of these things Steed 5 Miner is named a “Hard Worker of the Year”. If you are wondering what Hrito Moshkov means, just buy the last Top Gear Magazine for 2014.

Steed 5 Miner is part of the group of the Specialis – versions developed based on the Steed 5 pickup. The miner pickup is made for usage in mines. The pickup has a special external protective covering, additional protection against corrosion and much more.

The Specialized versions of the classic Steed 5 are developed by the Bulgarian team of Litex Motors. The Specials – Professional, Hunter, Premium and Miner, are part of the idea to develop vehicles that meet specific customer requirements.

Photos: Toni Tonchev, Top Gear Bulgaria