At A Glamorous Opening With Over 200 Guests Litex Litex Motors Presented HAVAL

Сред гостите на събитието бяха и обичаните български актьори Любо Нейков, Ненчо Илчев и Петьо Петков – Шайбата.


On 16th October in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Inter Expo Center during Sofia Motor Show 2015, the Executive Director of Litex Motors Mr. Ilia Terziev officially opened the stand of the company. He formally announced a long expected European pre-premiere of the luxury brand HAVAL, which company will start producing from the middle of the next year.

The ceremony was started with a futuristic video which shown the development direction which HAVAL is going to follow in automotive industry and the focus of the brand – an extreme design, high technologies, impeccable driving and connectivity of the vehicle with all other smart devices we all use in our routine. The message was perfectly clear: the future belongs to the smart SUVs, with impeccable road behavior and off-road abilities, combined with luxury and comfort interior with top quality materials. HAVAL offers all these.

Mr. Terziev made a short flashback of the Bulgarian company achievements for the last 4 years and one more time highlighted that Litex Motors is a Bulgarian company and he is very proud of it.

„We have been exhibiting our vehicles at the most prestigious motor shows in our country as we wanted to show what our boys and girls in the factory made, what they are capable of. Made in Bulgaria vehicles are in no way inferior in quality to any other vehicle produced in Germany, France or any other country in the world” – the Executive Director claimed.

With the words „This is our future! With HAVAL we start writing another chapter in Bulgarian automotive industry“ he lifted the veil for HAVAL and guests had the chance to touch the first 4 cars which enters the Old Continent. Under the red veils, with which organizers carefully were hiding the cars throughout the day, were the mini SUV HAVAL H1, the compact HAVAL H2in two versions – with automatic transmission and with manul transmission and a full-size aggressive HAVAL H6 Coupe. All over 200 guests at the glamorous cocktail were grabbed at a glance by the exhibited models and with undisguised interest considered the luxury SUVs.

The ceremony was upheld by important dignitaries among which were the director an Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” –Mr. Cvetelin Ivetanov, Adviser on trade and economic issues of the Embassy of China in Bulgaria, Mr. Yuan Kahua, Director of Customs Agency Vanyo Tanov and many others. In a short speech Mr. Cvetanov claimed his support to Litex Motors and on behalf of Minister Moskovski greeted the company for fulfilment the dream of generation Bulgarians to make our country in an automotive producer. The director an Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” accented on the fact that all cars made in Bachovitsa respond to all requirements and standards in accordance with the European legislation which makes them a worthy competitor to any other European or Asian car brand.

The adviser on trade and economic issues of the Embassy of China in Bulgaria, Mr. Yuan Kahua also greeted Mr. Terziev for the well done job and the successful strategic partnership between Litex Motors and Great Wall Motors Company. Mr. Yuan expressed confidence thet this partnership is fruitful and he is very happy that the result is reliable, modern and affordable cars made in Bulgaria for the whole Bulgarian and European markets. He wished company success in the future development.

Among the guests were famous and loved Bulgarian actors Liubo Neikov, Nencho Ilchev and Petio Petkov.

The subtle stand distinguished with a special place where were gathered all those things, corresponding to the daily lives and expressing the individuality of HAVAL`s potential customers. Support for this area Litex Motors received by other Bulgarian companies among who are computer producer Pravetz, male fashion house Teodor, Virginia Atelier for gowns, Drag bicycles, etc.