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Лизинговата вноска е приблизителна. За конкретно търговско предложение и точен лизингов план, моля обърнете се към най-близкия до Вас дилър.

Официални лизингови партньори на Great Wall:
Интерлийз Ауто и Райфайзен Лизинг България

Официални застрахователни партньори:
ЗД Виктория и ЗД Уника
  • Посочената лизингова схема не включва такса управление, данък МПС, регистрация в КАТ, застраховки Автокаско, гражданска отговорност и държавна продуктова такса.

  • The estimated payment is averaged over the entire period of the lease
Leasing steps
Leasing procedure steps:

- Select your vehicle in an authorized Great Wall dealership
- Reserve your vehicle with the help of the sales consultant
- Choose a leasing plan and fill in leasing request form
- Provide the necessary documents to your sales assistant

Documents required

Physical person | Legal person
  • Copy of the lessee's ID card

  • Certificate of the lessee's net income

  • Signed offer for your chosen car

- В кратки срокове ще получите отговор и ще бъдете поканени да подпишете договор за of the chosen leasing company

- Make your down payment, according to your repayment plan.

- We will prepare, register and insure your car

- You will receive your automobile in the mentioned/chosen authorized Great Wall dealer’s showroom.

- Take the key, slip registration, insurance policies, service

and warranty booklet and others if needed.

Have a nice trip!

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What do you get when buying a car

  • 5 years or 100 000 km mileage warranty
  • 3 years warranty on the lacquer coverage
  • 6 years warranty against corrosion
  • Dealership network with over 98% country coverage
  • Fast delivery of original spare parts
  • 24/7 free roadside assistance with Great Wall Assistance for 5-year period.