Great Wall Hover set up a record with the 6th place in Dakar 2013 overall ranking

For a second year in a row the Great Wall team ranks in top 10 in the most difficult competition in the world


On January 19 the most difficult competition in the world, rally Dakar 2013, concluded in South America. After 2 weeks of close-run competition Great Wall set up a history record by improving its results from the last year. The Great Wall Hover team finished 6th among leading brands in the automobile sector.

The last stage of the rally was not difficult but very stressful because it was vital for the final ranking. The Great Wall racers – Carlos Sousa and Zhoy Yong – finished respectively 8th and 12th in stage 14. In the overall ranking, the Portuguese moved forward to a record in his participation 6th place and his colleague finished 19th reaching his best performance until now.

During rally Dakar 2013 the racer Carlos Sousa was stable in each stage and proved to be a completely prepared competitor. Zhoy Yong made progress every day and finished 10th twice during the second half of rally Dakar, which is a great success for him.

At a special press conference in December Great Wall presented its race car for rally Dakar 2013, based on the most successful Great Wall SUV model – Hover. Also this year the team stakes on the classic red color that truly embodies the passionate fighting spirit of Dakar. The Hover Dakar race car has been given all-round improvements in terms of body function and structure optimization. Engine temperature control, elastic suspension calibration and upgrades to the engine have also been added.

In 2013 Great Wall Motors was the only Chinese team that participated in rally Dakar.