Stage 8 moves into Chile, Haval edges up

Кристиан Лавие от Haval Dakar Team финишира 11-и в осми етап от състезанието


On the morning of January 14 Beijing Time, Stage 8 of Haval Dakar Rally wound up. The rally moved from Argentina into Chile. Attiyah, Peterhansel and Sainz ranked among the top three in this stage, Haval’s Christian finished this stage in 11th and ascended to the 9th in the overall standings.

In Stage 8 today, the car category started from Salta, moved into the special stage after a link stage stretching 510 kilometers, and the bike category departed Uyuni, Bolivia for Calama, Chile. Today is the first connecting day of the three countries involved in the 2014 Dakar Rally, making this stage characteristic of the three countries: Salta’s gravel roads, Uyuni’s swamps and Calama’s deserts.

After a long link stage, the car category moved into the 302-kilometer special stage in Chile. The devilish deserts made competition unpredictable. Haval’s No.315 Christian remained stable, finished this stage in 10th in 02:49:53 and ascended to the 9th in the overall standings, further narrowing the gap from the drivers ahead. Obviously, Haval took a steady strategy, did not compete blindly and rashly, and strove for good results while ensuring stability. This also agrees with Director Dong Ming’s second-half tactical direction in the first-half summary.

After experiencing the test of gravel roads in Argentina, the drivers competed with a different mood and strategy today. However, every stage is very important for the leading group, and as much time as possible should be controlled regardless of stages. Eventually, Mini’s Attiyah and Peterhansel got the top two places again, followed by SMG’s Sainz. In the overall standings, Roma, Peterhansel and De Villers remained among the top three.

In Stage 9 tomorrow, the four categories will share the same course. This stage will stretch 451 kilometers (including 422 kilometers for specials which is of great challenge) from Calama to Chile’s famous port city Iquique. In the limited link stage, the drivers will see the sea and feel the sea breeze from the Pacific, and will move into Atacama Desert again thereafter to meet the great challenge from dunes stretching 150 kilometers. The steep slope three kilometers before the finish will also be an exciting test in this stage.

After Stage 8, the drivers will face the last three long stages continuously. Obviously the rally has been more than halfway, and the drivers’ performance tomorrow will have great influence on the final results of the rally.