Haval remains among top 10 after first stage of second half

The Great Wall pilot finished thirteen in the seventh stage of the race.


On the morning of January 13 Beijing Time, Stage 7 of the Dakar Rally wound up. No.303 Sainz won this stage, followed by Mini’s two former champions No.301 Attiyah and No.300 Peterhansel. Mini’s No.304 Roma still led the overall standings. Haval’s No.315 Christian finished this stage 13th and retained its 10th place in the overall standings.

Today saw the first stage of the second half as well as the last stage before the 2014 Dakar Rally moves to Chile. The car category departed Salta and returned to Salta. Stage 7 stretched 763 kilometers, including 533 kilometers for specials. The temperature was not brought down by the drizzle in the rest day at all. The warm spectators were motivating the drivers, but the high-temperature course was testing the drivers’ will and skills.

Haval’s No.315 Christian who was stable as always finished this stage 13th by 05:11:15, ranked 10th overall and kept the pressure on the drivers ahead. “Today saw the last stage before the rally moves into the desert, we tried to keep the car stable to meet the challenges in better shape after moving into the desert,” he told the press after the end of this stage.

No.303 Sainz, No.300 Peterhansel and No.301 Attiyah kept ahead today. Sainz led all the way after passing CP 3 and eventually registered the win by 04:43:28. With the win, he came back to the 6th on the overall standings.

82 cars competed in Stage 7, meaning 65 drivers have withdrawn. Five cars had not returned to their camps by press time, showing the course was tough and the desert stage will be more unpredictable. As a stage with the smallest proportion of specials in the 2014 Dakar Rally, Tomorrow’s Stage 8 will stretch 812 kilometers from Salta to Calama, including 302 kilometers for specials, but the competition will be more unpredictable after moving from Argentina to Chile.